Modifications. We do crazy mods on your little baby jeep. It won't just go on mountains, it will be able to move them.

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Campers. Want to sleep in your car? We build houses and put them on the back of your car.

Fishus camper is an Icelandic production made of fiberglass. Fishus is light, strong and especially suitable for highland traveling. Sleeping area for four persons. One upper bed and one lower bed i.e. table is taken down and the benchpads are laid over the table. The roof is elevated by air cylinders.

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Measurements for campers

  • Length on a platform of a car 2 meters
  • Width (floor) 1,4 meters
  • Width (above platform) 2 meters
  • Total length 3 meters
  • Height, roof down 1,4 meters
  • Height, roof up 1,90 meters
  • Weight without interior 155 kg
  • Approx weight with interior 350 kg
  • Upper sleeping area 1,25 x 1,90 meters
  • Lower sleeping area 1,25 x 1,90 meters
  • Volume 10 m3
  • Shell, fiberglass
  • Top (roof)
  • Rubber fabric (with windows) between top and sides
  • Windows
  • Door, plexiglass with locking
  • Protective edge above door
  • Box, fiberglass for gas containers
  • Top lifting equipment (air cylinders)
  • Pump, air valve and pressure regulator
  • Ventilation hatch
  • Fiberglass cabinet for gas stove, refrigerator and sink
  • Corner cabinet, fiberglass
  • Cabinet for storage and widening of upper sleeping area
  • Level, aluminum
  • Window hatch
  • Cabinet doors MDF, plastic sheathed (oak like)
  • Carpet, sides and top
  • Floor coverings
  • Foam mattress 10 cm with durable covering
  • Bench, 10 cm foam pads
  • Table MDF plastic sheathed (oak like)
  • 12V press refrigerator with freezer compartment
  • Webasto oil center
  • Light on both sides
  • Sink, water pump and two gas stoves
  • 10 ltr watertank
  • 12 V battery

Accessories. We make headlight grills and fender flares on your little jeep to give it a mean look.

We also make storage boxes for your gear when you're driving cross country. You can store utilities such as tire pumps, tire repair kits, start cables and a tow instead of a spare tire. It also doubles as a breakfast table or just to serve ice cold beer (for everyone but the driver, of course)!

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Contact. Why, hello there!

This is me, Bjarni Einarsson. I'm the manufacturer of all these amazing things.

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For further information, please contact me via email or mobile +354 691 6060.